The project V7 is an original theatrical project based on a research on fear and freedom of expression. The play carry deeply inscribed with the tension and debate that censorship and self-censorship entail as ideas of control of freethinking and free expression. What are the limits? Why do we censor? What do we accept of the divergence?

The play shows two characters who meet in a single stage area where they represent an eternal and thoughtful dialogue. On the one hand, we find the Whore, as a symbol of the perversion and submission of women within the patriarchal system that imposes control laws, and the Censor, and that will encourage the Whore to tell her story, expose herself, feel… This eternal dialogue will allow us to reflect on issues such as censorship, fear, freedom of expression, violence or power, among others.

The scenic space and time are presented as two diffuse elements that constitute a universe where performativity and various texts coexist. Texts of own creation and also inspired and based on artistic works, especially cinematographic works, all of which are censored or revised, such as the documentary, Breathe, from which V7 is based.

Premiere February 29, 2024 at the Teatre Principal in Olot.

Work in progress for Temporada Alta 2023.

With the support of the OSIC (Generalitat de Catalunya) with Performing arts investigaton and innovation grant 2021 and 2022, the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona with Barcelona Crea grant 2022. And the Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals, with the aid for the production of new theater staging on professional street and hall theater.


Direction: Susanna Barranco
Script: Susanna Barranco and Juan Navarro
Interpretation: Susanna Barranco and Juan Navarro
Director’s collaboration: Juan Navarro
Lighting design: Conrado Parodi
Scenic space and video: Manel Barnils
Costume design: José Duarte
Production: Cia. Susanna Barranco, Temporada Alta and Mousiké
Production assistants: Yasmina Berkane and Txell Casas
3D printing: Ferran Silva
Photography: Sandra Gross
Correction and adaptation of texts: Alexandra Ivars
Communication and adjustment: Eva Boesl
Light and sound support: Nicolás López

Temporada Alta Co-Production

With the support of: Temporada Alta, OSIC, ICUB, ICEC, Animal a l’Esquena and Dau al Sec.

Acknowledgments: Cia. Mal Pelo, Montserrat Casanovas, Annalisa Mirizio, Marta Azparren, Patricia Rodiguez and Nagore Arrizabalaga

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