“Director & artistic devising director both theatre and documentary maker, Susanna Barranco is also an actress and play writer that enjoys jumping to no net to reach the deepest essence of every project she envisions. Visual and plot come together powerfully at her artistic proposal as much as at her performance. Life and career are an only one body on Susanna Barranco since as a woman constant research complicities her with our nowadays’ world on a risky and determined creative process adventure. Every work in progress she is involved in becomes a bunch of tools of reality’s comprehension, puzzling bit by bit on exploring her own inside as far as others’. Her work is always intimate and deep, aesthetically seductive, captivating but also reflexive.”

AtSusanna Barranco’s Theatre Company many shows have been devised, directed and performed by Susanna Barranco. Some of its productions are Mousiké, Estridències, Mossegades with Jango Edwards’ Collaboration; L’amor no fa mal o Massa tard per ser pessimista with Laura Freijo & Cristina Lügstenman; Accions de Resistència with text by Marta Galán and awared by Premi de Teatre BBVA 2020 or Red Room (with dancer Sol Picó, premiered at Temporada Alta 2019). As a freelance actress and performer she has worked with several Catalan Directors such as Jordi Purtí, Marcel·lí Antúnez Afàsia and Pol, Eva Hibernia, Júlia Bel Thirteen roses, Roger Bernat Terra Baixa (Teatre Lliure 2022) and Marta Galán Money, desire, rights and Foreigners will come… (Teatre Lliure, 2021). Susanna has also published poetry: Cràter (Edicions Llibre de l’Índex) and Lana en la garganta (Trampa Ediciones); the literary theatre essay Digue’m una cosa bonica (Edicions 62), and the novel: La Autopista del Amor. Ediciones B. 2015. From 2017 to 2019 Susanna Barranco was in charge (after having got a tender offered by Catalan government —l’Ajuntament de Barcelona—)of being the artistic director of a project called Teixint Complicitats on Why Violence?, a theater program that aims at working on the prevention of any kinds of micro violence amongst teenagers at he Cataln’s high Schools.

Susanna Barranco’s projects, theatrical or audiovisual, start from a community perspective, with the will that every creative project can contribute to create contact networks and offer the possibility of showing reality as well as transforming it. 

At La Barranco Films, she has conceived and directed several documentaries aiming for an artistic approach maily based on a closed relationship with the social least favoured realities such as Wounds (supported by l’Institut Català de les Dones); Voids (on collaboration with l’Obra Social La Caixa); In Jonc’s silence (Awarded by Civisme de la Generalitat de Catalunya 2014); Fallen from the nest (supported by DGAIA and La Fundació Sant Pere Claver, also getting an honourable Mention at the award of Consell Municipal de Benestar Social als Mitjans de Comunicació 2017); Teresa Rebull. Uprooted soul (on coproduction with the Catalan public Television TV3 and the support of ICEC); Nudes (on collaboration with Institut Català de les Dones, also awarded by Josep M. Planes del Col·legi de Periodistes de Catalunya 2018), or most recently From knee to heart about the life and work of such renowned International dancer Sol Picó (with the support of the Catalan public Television TV3 & the Valencian public Television À Punt Mèdia; awared by Choreoscope Best Portrait of Generation 2019), which was performed for the the fist time in autumn 2018and in October 2019, the photographic exhibition Dance Fly started with it at the Arts Santa Mònica. Susanna Barranco’s documentaries have been shown on public Spanish and Catalan Televisions, as well as on some International channels and on commercial cinemas. In 2021, Breathe, a documentary about the women of prision Brians 1, was premiered at 66th SEMINCI edition, at the Beirut International Women Film Festival and Festival Mujeres de Cine, it toured around several headquartes of Instituto Cervantes around the world; it was broadcasted in Sense Ficció on TV3, was a candidate as Best Documentary at XIV Premis Gaudí and was a finalist at Premis Montserrat Roig al Periodisme i Comunicació Social 2021. In 2022, it was premiered Palmira Jaquetti, songs of celebration (with the support of TV3, Institut Estudis Ilerdencs, Ajuntament de la Seu d’Urgell and the Museu d’Història de Sant Feliu de Guíxols) and was broadcasted on El documental (Canal 33 – TV3). Actually she’s woriking in Meat Market, a project selected in the DocsLab of DocsValencia 2022, and in ɔkantɔ. She directed the creation and development of a video installation for the museum Maison du Patrimoine et de la Memoire André Abet in Saint Laurent de Cerdan (France).

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