Plena d’esculls escumosos
per on juguen
les primerenques flors…
deixaré que les sargantanes
arribin tard a taula i
que les aranyes et bressolin
la son.
Cap garota podrà ferir-te
perquè, veloç com un cavall,
esguardaré el teu llençol.

EDICIONS 62. 2008

This essay developed after several cultural and humanistic Spanish and Catalan traditions guides through memorial performance and ritual based happenings the organisation of all kind of non-religious celebrations and popular parties.
It is the reference manual aiming to spread the right feelings amongst people and correct performances’ timing on organising weddings, funerals, local parties, birthdays and social as much as historical anniversaries. There you’ll find implied on a selection of texts of classical and contemporary great authors a large overage of entrances of each element every kind of event requires. A punch of offers may give you an accurate idea for each specific along the year’s celebrations of music scores, popular songs, right emplacements, meaning and decorative final shape and disposition of the appropriate flowers, dressing advice, accessories, food and recommended dishes based on tradition as well as on season’s offers, and proposals of ritualistic non-religious manners considered under ancient protocols and conventions to be chosen.

  • Participation in one of the conversations of the book 15 converses. Societat i escola en pau + published by Octaedro Editorial.


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