Every cultural project needs a link between the creation and the audience to which it was addressed. For this reason, management is an inherent part of any creative project and, above all, when you run a theatre company or an independent audiovisual production company. La Barranco’s Place was created with the aim of creating, coordinating and communicating the cultural projects designed and directed by Susanna Barranco. A creative space that encompasses artistic action and social action. An open and transversal space in which different projects are born and grown: documentaries, workshops, children’s and youth’s theatre, contemporary theatre creations … La Barranco’s Place is a diverse and multidisciplinary space from which to create all kinds of social creations, artistic and cultural. Within space coexist platforms directly linked to creative work such as the Cia. Susanna Barranco or La Barranco Films, with other platforms of a more social or pedagogical nature such as Mousiké or La Maquineta Produccions.


Cia. Susanna Barranco is a professional and independent theatre company created on 1999 in Barcelona by the actress and director Susanna Barranco. Susanna Barranco’s scenic creation is direct, with the intention to challenge the public and to reflect on our reality, always, as a woman.


La Barranco Films is an independent production company based in Barcelona and dedicated to the production of documentaries linked to issues of social impact, as well as documentaries linked to characters that, for one reason or another, have stood out in our society.


Mousiké is an association that generates artistic, social and cultural projects from different artistic fields: theatre, body expression, photography and audiovisual, in order to deepen and reflect on current social issues.


La Maquineta Produccions is a children’s pedagogical theatre production company specialized in bringing the theatre to schools with their own creations. It offers an interactive and interdisciplinary theatre, paying attention to the curricular areas of English and Music.

  • 2018-2019. Artistic director granted by Catalan government —l’Ajuntament de Barcelona 2018—, Susanna Barranco won the tender of a social committed artistic project of Why Violence?, a program that aims throughout theatre, work deep inside prevention of any kind of micro violence amongst teenagers in Catalan’s high Schools (Teixint Complicitats).

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