“Money, Desire, Rights” is a Verbatim Theatre project to be devised by Susanna Barranco, Núria Lloansi, Juan Navarro and Marta Galán.  This Theatre-Documentary performance will analyse Surrogate Pregnancy under feminist point of view. The show intends on facing confrontation bring together humans rights in front of the idea of Desire actually wrongly considered as inevitable and irrevocable.      
The performers Susanna Barranco, Núria Lloansi and Juan Navarro will give voice at several  professional people that will be previously interviewed and filmed on documentary meanings talking about Philosophy, Ethics, Rights and Duties, Obstetrics, Neuroscience; also there will be given voice to some principal figures on that business, that’s to say women that have gone through Surrogate Pregnancy. The show’s objective is definitely offer as much rigorous and complete over look to that particular nowadays powerfully sustained western reality.


Devise and performance:
Núria Lloansi, Susanna Barranco and Juan Navarro.
Research and Documentary maker:
Susanna Barranco and Marta Galan Sala.
Lighting design:
Ana Rovira (with Conrado Parodi).
Sound design:
Juan Navarro.
Video stock footage design:
Roger Lapuente.
Filming and Edition of media material:
Susanna Barranco.
Direction and dramaturgy:
Marta Galán Sala.
Mithistòrima Produccions s.l. / Sala La Planeta.
Sílvia Poch.
Supported financially by l’ICEC, l’Ajuntament de Girona and la Diputació de Girona.

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